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Score Blood Ancestors access for free, thanks to Brightlocker!

Several weeks ago, we unveiled our game’s page on Brightlocker, an up and coming platform for supporting indie games. It allows you to earn awesome rewards, while showing your love for projects you want to support. This is done in several ways, both supporting by purchasing gold or rewards, and also by earning gold through interactions on the site. In this way, you can even support projects without spending a dime! 

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A Brand New Phase Approaches!

Snowpeak Studio is closing the Alpha servers for Blood Ancestors, and we are going to begin a brand new phase of Alpha Testing. We’ll be making some major changes in the game that – if you’ve been with us since Day 1, you’ll see all the amazing changes we’ve added.

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NDA taken down!!!

We are extremely happy, and nervous, to announce that Blood Ancestors has taken down its NDA.
This means you’ll be able to stream the game as much as you want, create videos on it and share as much info about the game as possible!

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Steam store's live!!

Blood Ancestors Steam store is going live, you can now add it to your wish list. We will be posting updates in order to have you informed. Also, you may want to join our Discord community to have real-time news from our devs.

Blood Ancestors is a competitive first person multiplayer game that wants to fill the gap in medieval fantasy games with a fast paced and modern gameplay that new games are bringing

Fight in an epic battle with four companions for the control of the relic to carry it to the portal and return to your world. You must use your skill and team play to defeat both the enemy team and the Blood Ancestors, the Relic Protectors


The Light Faction are a line of warriors imbued with the energy of The Goddess. They are the defenders of the good and the helpless. His glittering armor and sharp weapons are the tools to combat evil in his world.


Considered fates from another world and slaves of blood. They decided to detach themselves from their ancestors and from the blood relic to live a new life away from wars and destruction in the world of Arhan.


Dwellers of darkness and propagators of curses and diseases.  His power and his essence are the shadow and with the shadow they try to conquer the world and thus to give his deity with him.

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